We are the people behind some of the UK's most extraordinary call handling. We are BT Voice Services

Our people answer 40 million calls a year for some of the UK’s most critical services. We think that makes our call handling team the most capable in the industry.

About us

  • 700+ highly skilled people

  • Over 97% of 999 calls answered within 5 seconds

  • 40m calls answered a year

  • 6 call centres spread across the UK

Backed by BT, and powered by a team of extraordinary people, we think we’ve built the most reliable and resilient call handling service in the UK. Our infrastructure, technology and training ensures we’ll be there when you and your customers need us most.

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What we do

Call handling

We do one thing and we do it brilliantly. From 999 emergency services to 118 directory enquiries, we can apply our call handling experience to a whole range of scenarios.

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